Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Workshop ~ Empowering Your Muse

We had such a great workshop with author Kelly L.Stone! On Saturday, February 25, Kelly, author of the Time To Write series, showed us ways to "empower our muse," and get the most from the creativity in all of us. Her presentation was clear and energizing, and filled with tips on engaging our "positive" thoughts as opposed to negative ones.

Kelly finished up her workshop with an exercise in relaxation and allowing our muse to come through. The lights in the room were lowered, and Kelly coached us through relaxing from the ground up. When everyone was very relaxed and tuned in to her voice, she led us to focus on our creative side and see if any breakthroughs or brilliant ideas showed up.

We knew the exercise was successful when member Tracy Stephens exclaimed, "I just solved a plot point!" and grabbed her pen and notebook! Powerful stuff, this.

Please visit Kelly L Stone's website for more information on her, her books, and her workshops. And join us for our March meeting in Jacksonville, Florida!

March 24th workshop speaker and topic: Barbara Cameron, author of the Quilts of Lancaster County series, who will speak to us on "How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot on the Way to Publication."

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