Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You ~ from member Skye Taylor

A year ago my heart and life were torn apart by disbelief and anguish when my little grandson, Philip was killed in a freak playground accident. I had already lost one grandson to SIDS and I couldn’t believe this was happening again to my family. 

For the second time, I had to look into the devastated eyes of my own child and know there was nothing on earth I could do to take away their pain. Two beautiful little boys taken from us far too soon. Two little boys who barely got a chance to live and love and laugh and play and who would never grow up to be men. 

It has been a difficult year. All those firsts without Philip – Thanksgiving, Christmas, his birthday, Mother’s Day, and family vacations. And as September approached and the anniversary of his passing arrived, we were all reminded anew of the outpouring of love and support we received from so many. 

The members of Ancient City Romance Authors were there for me and it meant more than words can say, even for someone who puts things into words every day. And now our annual conference approaches and I am reminded of last year’s event when I arrived, still reeling with shock and just beginning to grieve. And of the gentle, acceptance from all of you as you wrapped me in your arms and said, “I’m sorry.” 

Thank you for your patience with me then and in the weeks and months that followed. Thank you for Philip’s star and for the little silver charm to wear in his memory. And thank you most of all for being the wonderful caring community you are.